K-12 Outreach: Interests & Activities Fair

Kids Gardening

There is a problem that we are facing today in America, which is that children and adolescents are spending too much time watching television and they are not being exposed to a variety of interests and activities. There are many factors to this problem that can directly link to poverty and certain upbringing. Living in poverty can limit individuals to resources including time and money. Parents might not be aware to educate their children about many different interests. Did you know that according to the Census Bureau of 2013, 96.1% of households living below the poverty line have a television?

I have an idea that will help fix this issue for the years to come especially for Crawford County, Kansas. My idea is to organize an Interests and Activities Fair for K-12 students of Crawford County that will consist of many volunteers from Pittsburg State University (clubs, organizations, departments, and students) and community volunteers (local businesses, SEK-CAP, organizations.) Basically, it will be a day devoted to these students and enlightening them to a wide variety of hobbies, interests, activities, and passions. The goal is to help spark an interest (or two!) for the kids, which will help them develop life skills from these activities in the future. The students will be able to learn from passionate individuals through demonstrations and hands-on activities.

This event can be a yearly event for the students that can take place on Pittsburg State University’s campus. It is crucial that this event takes place during school hours because it will force the children to take part in the event and eliminate the factor that their parents might not be able to take them to the event if let’s say, the event was on a Saturday.

I believe that introducing hobbies and interests to kids at a young age will help them find a life passion early on before they make any decisions after high school. Adolescents are being forced into picking a career early on, and they aren’t even sure if they are going to like it. Finding a hobby or interest can also be very rewarding and gives people confidence and sense of purpose in life. This kind of attitude will make great future leaders and members of society for years to come.


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